About Us

About Us

Erazem Sdn Bhd is an established customised software provider committed to being a client-focused and technology-driven leader in the IT industry.

Offering choice, flexibility and affordability, Erazem gives you three premier products named Izem:

  • Self Managed Employee Benefits: 6 months free trial, feature-rich, intuitive software offering a robust environment.
  • Payroll, Leave & Claim: Small-to medium-sized businesses use this comprehensive platform to build and provide responsive payroll services rapidly.
  • Clinic Management System: Designed to supply seamless patients’ and clinic operation management system, Erazem saves you time and money with free for the first 30 patients/day.

Our Motive:-

  • Allow you to focus on the best on your business operation and to serve your customers
  • Build applications faster with less investment
  • We have a wide range of consulting and industry knowledge that can meet your organisation’s business needs

We are also providing specialised management and administration to the corporate clients’ self-funded medical benefits extended to their employees and eligible dependents. 

For Enterprise, governance to multinational companies who need to rapidly on-board a full-service with the in-house environment, Erazem meets your business and budget requirements. We help you to optimise your need with options that include:

  • Cloud or In-House hosting
  • Module-based architecture—purchase the features you want
  • Pay-per-employee pricing structure
  • Customisation
  • Implementation training and delivery
  • Support services

Contact our friendly, professional services team with your questions.