Izem Payroll System (IzemPAY)

IzemPAY is a free Payroll comes with Leave & Claim* management system that offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business.  This widely-used system is feature-rich, intuitive and provides essential Payroll management.

Payroll software compliance with government statutory deductions

IzemPAY has spent more time in perfecting the payroll process.  Our platform designed to be exceedingly usable, while also being robust and feature-filled which enabling you to handle the complexities that come with managing a staffs’ payroll.

IzemPAY Features


Employee List; Easy management of new & resigned employees, set monthly fixed allowance & deduction, leave entitlement, customise rate for overtime etc and keep track loan given to the employee.


A simple way and easy payroll process wizard that’s come with global editing.  IzemPAY gives a various selection of payroll process by employee, branch and department including backdated payroll process.

Flexible Setting

IzemPAY offers the flexibility to customise the working days & hours, overtime, shift & additional pay, fixed allowance & deduction to automate your payroll process according to your business needs.  All this setting can further customisable by up to the individual employee.


IzemPAY e-Leave designed to simplify the leave application processes including withdrawal, cancellation, replacement, emergency etc. It also reduces the workload of administrator and helps you to manage, maintain and track all leave-related issues, leave taken and balance.

e-Leave setting is user-definable, give flexibility for users to set up the leave according to your company’s leave Policy.  You can create unlimited types of leaves, such as annual leave, sick leave, or any special leave.

Employee Self-Service

IzemPAY provides employee self-service via the Member Login module which saves administrators from being plagued with the manual leave application form.   The employee can apply for leave via Member Login and they’ll get a notification via email on the leave status.  Member Login also allows the employee to update their contact, address and also able to view & print their payslip and more.


Get true insights and analytics into your employees’ payroll & leave. The reporting and analytics make it easy to capture and report on any employee, branches & department.

Pre-built reporting

Numerous pre-build reports make it easy to capture and report on any employee information, including: total labour costs, enrolment, employee leave and more.  The reports are downloadable and you could save the report into an Excel, Word or PDF format which give yourself to analyse them further.

Users & Security

Security; this feature allows you to secure every object and report in the application.  Each object and report can be restricted to Admin, Update or View access through user-defined security areas. 

  • Create user groups and assign security access for all defined users.
  • Define access levels for each screen as View, Update or Admin.
  • Create security areas defined by screens and/or reports. Customise groups and users assigned to those security areas for the given access level.