Online clinic’s claim & payment processing

Wide selection of network healthcare providers

Leave/Time Off Management with calendars

Tracking employee benefits balance and benefits utilization

Employee Self-Service to check benefits balance & utilization and leave/time off application

Monthly/Yearly Statutory Form generation & submission

Customizable of employee benefits and entitlements by individual or group

Details reporting and dashboard of employee benefits & payroll/HR

Generate monthly payslips


Easy Patient File Management and Medical Records

Pharmacy module to manage prescription and patient billing

Inventory Management Module

Patient visitation queue management by date

Scheduling and monitor patient appointment

Tracking Expenses & Payment

Simply doctor consultation page with hand writing option and prescription

Create panel invoicing and track payment

Details reporting


Check health benefits balance & utilization

Leave/time off application & checking

Self-health expenses tools & reports


  • One (1) credit deduction per claim submitted by clinics
  • Free IzemCMS for in-house clinic
  • Add eLeave features for
  • RM 5 per head for a year
  • Free Online Support
  • Payment Term: SAAS


  • Free < 20 employees
  • Price Quoted below is per head for a month
  • 21 – 50 employees, RM 1.00
  • 51 – 100 employees, RM 0.75
  • 101 – 200 employee, RM 0.50
  • 201 and above, RM 0.25
  • Add eLeave features for
  • RM 5 per head for a year
  • Free Online Support
  • Payment Term: Quarterly within 30 days


  • Free for 1st 30 registered to queue per day
  • RM 0.50 deduction after 30th patients registered to queue per day
  • Free Payroll & eLeave features
  • Free Online Support
  • Payment Term: Monthly within 30 days

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