Erazem Sdn Bhd is an established cloud web system solution provider committed to being a client-focused and technology driven leader in the IT industry.

Offering choice, flexibility and affordability, Erazem gives you three premier products named Izem:

time and money with free for the first 20 patients/day.

Our Motive:

  • Allow you to focus on the best on your business operation and serving your customers.
  • Build applications faster with less investment.
  • We have a wide range of consulting and industry knowledge that can meet your organization’s business needs.

We are also providing specialise management and administration to the corporate client’s self funded medical benefits extended to their employees and eligible dependents.

For Enterprise, governance to multinational companies who need to rapidly on-board a full-service with in-house environment, Erazem meets your business and budget requirements. We help you to optimize your need with options that include:

  • Cloud or In-House hosting.
  • Module-based architecture—purchase the features you want.
  • Pay-per-employee pricing structure.
  • Customization.
  • Implementation training and delivery.
  • Support services.

Contact our friendly, professional services team with your questions.