Izem Clinic Management System (IzemCMS)

IzemCMS is a cloud-based, full-service of patient’s management and clinic operation including invoicing to clients, inventory, simple accounting features and more. With IzemCMS, you benefit from a rich array of modules to suit the specific needs of your clinic operation and your budget.

For Group clinics, IzemGCMS is providing centralize management of inventory purchasing and client invoicing with a comprehensive platform. IzemGCMS offers superior management and cost efficiencies across the board.

Fully Integrated with Your Clinic’s Workflow

IzemCMS is designed to fill practitioners’ schedules for an efficient day. That means no awkward gaps in the day and it’s easy to fill last-minute openings, The availability is real time – to the second.

Small Price – Big Return

When choosing software to manage your practice successfully, it is important to take a look at the whole package. Our product in itself, combined with the service and support we provide, allows you to make the most of your money. IzemCMS is truly worth it!

Our flexible pricing and payment plan accommodates small and large clinics. We also offer an upgrade package for those wanting to make the switch from their existing software provider to IzemCMS.

Our reputation for excellent customer service and support along with our product’s features taking your practice to a whole new level insures your investment. We guarantee that you WILL NOT find better value with any other practice management product. A free trial for 6 months & free for first 20 patients after free trial, no-obligation product can prove it!