Izem Employee Benefits Solution (IzemEBS)

Start-up, SME, global enterprises, whichever one you may be, IzemEBS offers you flexibility and freedom to manage your employee healthcare benefits without any third party.

With specialized expertise, IzemEBS modules cover many major parts of employee healthcare claims including claims management, assigning entitlement & limitation, manage service provider and most importantly pay direct to service provider with using any third party service.

Try out the 6 months free trial with no obligation to renew. IzemEBS is very affordable clould based system. Click here to sign-up your free trial now.

System work flow chart:

Claim Services
With Izem, you are given a claims platform that handles a wide variety of claim types. You can administer Medical, Dental, Vision, and Hospital, seamlessly, in one easy to use platform. In addition, there is a full Suspense Module and Audit Module for additional claims managements.

Claims Processing

  • Easily manage all your claims in a single claims module. Each claim entry are captures with all the relevant information for the selected claim.
  • Customize your user experience with user defined tab orders and security access.
  • Easily navigate to any related component using hyperlinks.
  • Easy to use lookups for all pieces of claim information.
  • Easily identify and handle duplicates with user defined rules for soft and hard matching criteria.
  • Full auto-adjudication that runs 24/7 based on claims placed into the queue. Queue up claims on a schedule or instantly to best manage workflow.
  • Print the details directly from the selected claim.

Suspend claims using custom criteria. Categorize suspended claims and return them for additional review or release them for funding.